How to Download the Runescape Soundtrack

In game, Runescape has hundreds of songs total that can be unlocked and played, but the downside of this is that they cannot be listened to outside of the game. An unofficial soundtrack has been released by “Kreotis”, who posted about it on the runecrypt forums. He has done all the work of downloading and compiling all of these songs into a small, easy-to-download zipped folder. Although the release of the Runescape soundtrack may seem illegal, it is not, due to the fact that Jagex (the makers of Runescape) have not released an official soundtrack and therefore are not profiting from it themselves.

The soundtrack that has been released contains 643 songs total. Approximately 300 come from Runescape classic, and the other 300+ are from the current version of Runescape. Songs that have been recently added to the game in an update are not a part of this soundtrack. All of the files are in a “MIDI Sequence” format, making the files very small – only a few megabytes for the entire folder of songs. This also means that they cannot be played on an iPod or similar device unless they are first converted.

To download the soundtrack, click this link. Most people will have to wait 45 seconds before they can start the download. When the waiting period is over, click the button “Regular Download”, and your download will start. When the download is complete, check your destination folder for the file. It is a zipped file, so unzip it with a program such as Winrar. The resulting folder can then be opened and played. In order to be of any real use other than for casual listening (such as putting on a video), they should be converted. A good conversion software or Mediaconverter will work. Good luck downloading, and enjoy the soundtrack.

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